Customer Stories

At 4 Corners Relocation our clients have become accustomed to our attention to detail. We actually expect the unusual because, let’s face it, people are different…. very different. Thankfully so, because if we were all the same there would be no need to move people halfway around the planet!

Below are some tales from our move managers and the things we have had to do. Confidentially, of course….

Home For a Man's Best Friend Too

Recently we helped relocate a lovely couple in their early 30s who were relocating from Singapore with their 2 small dogs called Biscuit & Bun. Unfortunately there was an issue with their pet passports which meant the dogs were going to have to arrive 3-4 weeks after the original move date so the couple decided one would come to London and the other must stay behind with the family pets.

We juggled the temporary housing and ensured all the Homesearch was done in the small window of time zone difference where everyone was awake so we could have cross time zone real time communication with facetime hard at work. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances they had an offer fall through in Chelsea extremely last minute with less than 10 days before they were due to move in.

Our challenge was to solve this problem in a short space of time and to find alternative homes that would accept the 2 family pets in a competitive busy summer market with many families moving and securing school spaces for the next term. At last we found a “wildcard” home in a new location for them. It turned out to be the perfect home and they loved it from the first moment! We moved them in on time avoiding further costs but also introduced them to a great local dog walker & doggy day care centre which they used regularly.

‘It is great to see when adversity strikes the team at 4 Corners Relocation pull out all stops to make the relocation a success.’
We regularly receive pug updates and are happy in the knowledge this family are living in the perfect home!

Harleys from High

A few years ago, as part of our move in support we were asked to take delivery at the new home address of a package arriving on a special container and make sure it was left appropriately on the drive. The package was a Harley Davidson and it was needed for that weekend for a ride from London to Brighton. We had not organised the shipping but Andy, our MD, had happily agreed to be there to see this magnificent beast of a bike arrive to central London.

All seemed well at first when the lorry arrived. The bike was safely wrapped and was standing solidly on its pallet, but unfortunately the drop trailer to the lorry became stuck at its highest point and although the bike could be wheeled onto it, there was no way for it to be lowered.

This was disastrous news as the next delivery slot would be into the next week and the trip to Brighton would be lost forever. After a short consultation with the bike’s owner it was decided that we would build a pallet platform and use the two wide planks in the lorry to ride the bike off…. Please remember that the bike is very expensive and very loved by the owner, but he had given Andy the courage to ride it off and in turn Andy had promised not to fall off the ramp! (thankfully Andy held a full bike licence….)

The ramp was built, and the planks were added and like a very slow ‘bat out of hell’ moment the bike was freed from the lorry and safely parked outside of the house. The delivery had been saved and the client was as happy as could be!

Relocate Mate

4 Corners Relocation work closely with corporate flat share providers as well as matching assignees up to share together. We are always happy where and when possible to link assignees together from different companies to share a new home and the bills… after all London is not a cheap place to live!
Last Summer this is exactly what we did in record breaking time! 3 assignees from 3 different companies gave us permission to share their details with other assignees and had a short facetime conversation to ‘meet’ pre-arrival and to determine their common requirements for a house-share.

In London they met for the first time at 10-30 am on a Monday morning and after a short introduction looked at the first property of the day at 11am with a further 9 homes to see afterwards. However, collectively they all loved this home - it may have been because of the lovely bedrooms or perhaps the large living room – but we think it was the table football that sealed the deal! By 11-30 the holding deposit had been paid and by Wednesday that week they had moved in – 3 new best mates in the relocation process.

A great quick happy service!