Relocation Service Programs

Whilst based in London, 4 Corners Relocation offer Corporate Moving and Relocation Services throughout the UK and Ireland. Below is an outlined example of Destination Service Programs set up with existing clients, with a wide range of Corporate Relocation Services included.

As each company is different with varying needs we are more than happy to customise these services to fit in with your requirements, company policies and budgets. By doing so, we can truly build a successful platform to care for your whole company for many years to come. If you develop and change, we will develop with you! 


The 4 Corners Relocation ‘Orientation Program’ can be used as a pre-decision or preview trip and is intended to provide sufficient local area knowledge to enable an assignee and family to decide whether to accept a proposed assignment. It can also be used as part of the home-finding program or settling-in program and is designed as a fully customised program, including but not limited to:

  • Customised Information Pack
  • Customised Accompanied Tour
  • Map of key Locations
  • Housing Options

Home Finding

The 4 Corners Relocation Home Finding program ‘Enables’ the employee and their family to source a suitable home in accordance with personal preference and corporate policy, ‘Facilitates’ the preparation and signature of an appropriate lease, ‘Manages’ all move-in formalities.

Faced with questions about relocating to the UK, specific areas, budget, properties etc, choosing the right place in a few days can turn what should be an exciting time into a very stressful one.

Our relocation service provides you with all the confidence you need to select your perfect area and home and includes:

  • Our Unique Pre-Arrival Support
  • Detailed Needs Analysis
  • Area and Property Guides & Samples
  • Area familiarization & Home Search – Accompanied viewing appointments
  • Lease negotiation and approval
  • Move In Support & Settling In

Settling In

The 4 Corners Relocation Settling In Program can be used as part of the orientation and home finder process, or as a post move settling in program providing ongoing local assignment support.

4 Corners Relocation will put together a welcome pack to aid the settling in process suitable to your company needs. This can be tailored to specific individual assignment support on a one-off basis, depending on each client's needs and the area that they are being relocated to.

The list below provides examples of what may be included in a settling in program, but it is fully tailored to each assignee:

  • Area Orientation
  • Commute
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Registration
  • International Community
  • Car & Driving
  • Insurance
  • Shopping
  • Healthcare
  • Domestic Help
  • Banking
  • Sports, recreation & leisure options
  • Handyman services
  • Local Services
  • Language Training


Tenancy Management

The corporate relocation Tenancy Management Program is designed to assist with any aspects of the move from property handover onwards, throughout the tenancy, to moving out of the property, and includes any day to day administration of both personal and corporate tenancies.

Depending on policy it can include: -

  • Move In Support & Post Move Settling In
  • Welcome Pack & Guides on Living in the UK
  • Ongoing Tenancy Management & Help Line
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax 
  • Regular Status Reports
  • Lease Renewals
  • Departure Program & Move Out Support

Short Term Assignments

This 4 Corners Relocation service includes serviced apartments, hotels or short-term leases. It is generally used for long-term assignees in the initial period after their arrival, but can also be used for those coming to the UK on training programs or short-term assignments. Short Term Business Travel is the new buzz phrase in the global mobility world and something we are managing for most of our clients. Let us manage yours. 

Further Relocation Services

Our clients know how flexible we are, and that our independence means that we love to get involved in other aspects of corporate relocation. Examples of other services we have provided are: Project and Property Management, Furniture Rental, Airport Transfers, Intercultural & Language Training Programs, Spousal Assistance, Shipping & Moving and much more.