Relocation Technology

Technology is at the forefront of any corporate relocation service, 4 Corners Relocation understands this as a leading relocation company providing a full destination service program in London, the UK and Ireland.

Area Guides and Local Knowledge Portal

We have never found guides that showed the information that our clients wanted so we built our own, using the information that we have gathered over more than 20 years in the industry.

Our guides are easy to understand, easy to use and cover a large range of topics. Our specific area guides and fact sheets can be tailored to suit your company needs.

It provides your assignee with a wealth of information ranging from the rental process, area guides and the basics to living in the UK.


Moveware is a proven ‘Relocation Management System’, and is a fantastic piece of smart web based client database software. Moveware enables 4 Corners Relocation to effortlessly manage the day to day operations that take place behind every relocation from any location. The system also helps us manage bespoke reporting created on our clients’ behalf, including KPIs, Area, Budget, Cost Savings and financial reporting within a certain period at the press of a button.

Our Unique Pre-Arrival Service

The challenging and competitive property market in the UK coupled with the emergence of some more limited destination service programs has meant that even more emphasis on the pre-arrival support is necessary.

4 Corners Relocation will spend as much time as necessary via telephone and e-mail giving appropriate support and advice to help to create realistic expectations before arrival to the UK.

As part of this we will advise on all aspects of pre-arrival planning for the upcoming move to the UK and all subjects concerning renting and finding a property in the UK.



This includes sending detailed information of the prevailing residential market rentals and a number of more specific area guides and property samples to narrow down the requirements as much as possible pre-arrival in order to manage expectations and avoid any surprises or misunderstandings throughout the home search.

All assignees will also receive a link to our portal of specially designed pdf guides covering a large range of topics concerning:

  • Pre-arrival planning
  • Finding a Property
  • Moving in
  • Settling in & Living in the UK

4 Corners Relocation App

The 4 Corners Relocation App is coming soon! Contact us for more information.